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Council metropolis, Almeida is located on an area named “table-land”, near the “Côa” river and the Spain border. The council of “Almeida” is formed by 29 villages and has to offer its visitors a huge historical background. There are three historic centres: the medieval villages of “Castelo Mendo”, “Castelo Novo” and the urban centre of “Almeida” village enclosed by its military fortress. You can reach this council by train or by car (following A25 highway).


Castelo MendoCastelo Mendo

Located to south-west from the council of “Almeida”, “Castelo Mendo” is located on an upland (altitude: 756m), near Almeida’s village.
The village has a rough nature and beautiful valleys. It is enclosed by the “Côa” river.
You can reach this village by car, following the national road 16, and by train.

Castelo Novo

Castelo Novo

It is located on the east slope of the “Serra da Gardunha” (altitude: 703m) between two brooks.

You can reach this village by car, following national road 18, or by train.


Castelo RodrigoCastelo Rodrigo

Located in the area of “Riba Côa”, 10 metres from the right bank from the “Côa” river and 12, 5 km from the Spain border, “Castelo Rodrigo” is sited on a high and isolated hill (altitude: 770m). You can reach it by car, following the national roads 332 (if you come from “Almeida”) and 221 (if you come from “Pinhel”).


Idanha-a-VelhaIdanha - a - Velha

This village is located near “Idanha - a - Nova”, near the “Monsanto” village and near the Spain border. “Idanha - a - Velha has 11,12 acres, located on two slight rises of land, flanked by the “Pônsul” river.
Located in an area of great natural beauty, its landscape is dominated by the “Monsanto” fortress.


Linhares da Beira

Linhares da Beira is located in one of the bases of Serra da Estrela at about metres of altitude, in the Council of Celorico da Beira and 4 Km from estrada Nacional 17 that connects Coimbra to Guarda



It is located in the council of “Meda”, on a mountainous area and it is formed by three agglomerates: the “Cidadela”, the “Arrabalde” and the “Devesa”; it is linked with its council metropolis by the national road 324 and you can also reach it by following the national road 102 or using the train.



One of the 17 villages of the council of “Idanha - a – Nova”, “Monsanto” has 44,48 acres and it is located on a slope (altitude: 758m). Its population is starting to spread, building their houses near the plain. You can reach this village by car, following the national road 239 or the municipal 567.



Located on an abrupt slope in the “Serra do Açor”, council of Arganil, you can reach it only by car, following the national road 17.



Located in the council of Sabugal, this beautiful and ancient village can be found in the “Serra de S.Cornélio” (altitude: 773m).
You can reach it by car, following the road that links “Castelo Branco” to “Guarda”




If you need more informations about “Serra da Estrela” visit:
Região de Turismo da Serra da Estrela


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